Bergamo, 14 september 2020

Automha – a Bergamo-based company leader in the intralogistics sector – is one of the 90 companies selected, out of over 900 candidates, for the award of the Women Value Company prize, organized by Banca Intesa Sanpaolo for Fondazione Marisa Bellisario. An acknowledgment that annually rewards Small and Medium-sized enterprises that have stood out in the country for their concrete and innovative strategies and policies of inclusion, participation, promotion and conciliation supporting female resources in the workplace.

Automha‘s decision to reduce working hours by 25% for all mothers with children between the ages of 1 and 10, for the same salary, has not gone unnoticed. An initiative that, from the first months of activation, reported the participation of more than 15% of the company’s staff, as well as an increase in the curricula received by women. To Automha, gender equality and corporate welfare represent the main values ​​on which the company have to invest and to pay particular attention, today and in the coming years.

Giuseppe Stefanelli, AD AUTOMHAAutomha management speaks

«We are proud to have been nominated. To Automha this is an important moment that makes us pleased and recognizes our commitment to the well-being and protection of our staff», says Roberta Togni, CSR Officer & General Counsel Automha.

The final event of the Women Value Company – 4th Edition – will take place in live streaming on Wednesday 16 September at 5.30 pm. There will be the award of the Golden Apple to two companies that most support the culture of “gender diversity” and invest in services to balance family and work, initiatives for a serene management of time in the company, remuneration policies selected on merit, development and enhancement of skills and careers for women.

The words of Giuseppe Stefanelli, CEO of Automha on the eve of the final award ceremony: «The great participation in such an important prize is the sign of a positive change that we hope will be strengthened even more. Not just in companies, but in the mentality of society. For Automha this recognition is only one stage of a long-term value path».

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