The Sectors

Complete systems for logistics, materials handling technology and warehouse technology
  • Complete belt conveyor systems FOR INTRALOGISTICS
  • Turnkey systems for logistics
  • Complete Supply Chain Management Systems (SCM)
  • Complete robots and handling systems for materials flow, warehouses and logistics
Mechanical Handling
  • Cranes
  • Series lifting equipment and lifting platforms
  • Platforms for lifting persons
  • Continuous mechanical handling equipment and monorail conveyors FOR LOGISTICS
  • Industrial trucks and fork-lift trucks
  • Driverless/remote controlled transport systems and hand-operated transport equipment
  • Components of power transmission, hydraulics and pneumatics FOR LOGISTICS
  • Lifts, elevators, escalators, moving pavements and cableways
  • Accessories for all mechanical handling
Warehousing technology and workshop equipment
  • Warehousing systems, shelving systems, shelving technology
  • Factory equipment FOR INTRALOGISTICS
  • Industrial doors and industrial gates FOR INTRALOGISTICS
  • Cleaning devices for warehouses and warehouse fittings FOR INTRALOGISTICS
  • Accessories for warehousing, general
Loading Technology
  • Dock levellers
  • Loading Ramps
  • Loading systems for bulk goods, containers, etc.
Intralogistics - Systems and software
  • Sistemi informatici e di controllo per la movimentazione dei materiali e la logistica
  • Tecnologia dell’identificazione, sistemi di identificazione automatica, sensori per intralogistica
  • Software applicativi e soluzioni per intralogistica e logistica del trasporto
  • Soluzioni industriali per intralogistica e trasporto
Servizi logistici, soluzioni di outsourcing
  • Computer systems and controls for material handling and logistics
  • Identification technology, Auto-ID systems, sensors for intralogistics
  • Application software and solutions for intralogistics and transport logistics
  • Industrial solutions for intralogistics and transport
Logistics services, outsourcing solutions
  • Logistics management
  • Logistics, intralogistics services
  • Joint and system logistics services
  • eLogistics services
  • Consultancy, planning, financing and project management services
Logistics Real Estate
  • Logistics centers and facilities
  • Buildings and solutions for logistics
Traffic Engineering
  • Road vehicles, commercial vehicles and accessories
  • Rail vehicles
  • Railway equipment
  • Shipbuilding
  • Road maintenance equipment and machinery
  • Multi-storey car park and parking equipment
  • Traffic control systems
  • Integrated traffic systems