Rocket Solution: towards a new dimension of Warehouse Automation

Kardex offers a new micro fulfillment solution that allows you to optimize the space and costs of your warehouse without compromising its performance. In fact, the new Shuttle RSX1 system is an innovative solution that provides maximum storage density while reducing the footprint by 50% with 100% of performance compared to traditional shuttle systems.

Kardex - Shuttle RSX1

Equipped with an intelligent software package, it efficiently stores plastic containers weighing up to 50 kg. Thanks to a special gripping device, which does not push the containers but lifts them safely, load handling works regardless of the nature and size of the totes.

The main advantages of this system include:

  • Maximum storage density (multi-depth) with minimum footprint
  • Extreme robustness due to high-quality and durable materials
  • Integration and applicability with standard totes and trays of different heights and conditions
  • Scalability, thanks to modular design that allows for seamless changes in size and performance
  • Low energy consumption

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