Increased warehouse security with Safe-T Signal Traffic Warning System of Rite-Hite

How to increase warehouse security with the Safe-T-Signal system, which helps prevent accidents at busy intersections.


Preventing accidents in blind spots at the busiest intersections of logistics facilities, improving warehouse security: this is the purpose of Rite-Hite‘s Safe-T-Signal Traffic Warning System .

This system alerts the staff present in an area of the warehouse, whether they are truck drivers or walkers, when other people or moving vehicles approaching from different directions are present near intersections.

Rite Hite | Safety Signal

Safe-T-Signal in detail

Equipped with motion sensors that check the presence of incoming traffic (people and forklifts) at 2-3 or 4-way crossroads, the Safe-T-Signal system is able to give a “precedence” signal with yellow LEDs or give a “stop” signal with red LEDs , i. e. to give a clear and timely warning to the staff of a potential danger.

In the situation where staff or forklifts are present in two or more directions (the red “stop” LEDs are turned on), the system also activates a blue LED light that is reflected on the floor, visible in all directions involved, to draw even more attention to the staff and/or forklifts present at that moment.

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