MODULA: highly automated warehouses with MiR

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MODULA: highly automated warehouses with MiR

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Barcelona, January 13, 2022: Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) pioneer of autonomous mobile robotics, and Modula, an Italian company specializing in automatic vertical storage systems, started a project focused on the automated interaction between AMRs and vertical storage systems. For over 30 years Modula has been developing and building fully automated vertical storage systems that simplify logistical operations by speeding up picking and placing operations, enabling significant space savings, and ensuring top safety standards for personnel.

Efficient intralogistics management must have some fundamental characteristics such as the ability to rapidly place the goods in their storage location, quickly pick them and then handle and drop them according to efficient flows managed and controlled by sophisticated yet simple and intuitive software applications. MiR and Modula have decided to combine their autonomous mobile robotics technologies and automatic storage systems to create a solution that enables materials to be stored, picked, and placed without human intervention.

Theapplications can be customized thanks to different top modules, such as the MiR Hook 250, or through the installation of anthropomorphic arms on the mobile robots.

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Complete automation

The combination of MiR robots with Modula vertical storage systems enables the autonomous picking, placing, and handling of goods. Modula’s WMS (warehouse management software) and the MiR Fleet centralized control system interact with each other, thus providing accurate synchronization of all operations. The vertical storage system delivers the specific tray containing the goods to be picked to the picking/placing bay. The MiR robot, equipped with a special top module designed to handle the tray, autonomously removes the entire tray from the bay and takes it to its destination. This solution is modular and scalable: it can be adapted to any environment thanks also to its quick and easy installation procedure. In fact, the installation and commissioning of MiR robots and Modula storage solutions do not require any structural changes.

This new solution proposed by the two companies offers significant advantages since, through the combination of two technologies, the level of automation of intralogistics is remarkably enhanced, enabling considerable savings in terms of both time and space. In addition, the workforce is used more profitably since difficult, repetitive, and hazardous tasks are left to the machines.

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«We are especially pleased with our partnership with MiR as it allows us to expand our range of applications and meet our customers’ needs. Our automatic storage systems combined with MiR robots represent the perfect solution for those looking to incorporate automation in their warehouses».
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«We are very satisfied with our partnership with Modula since the solution we have created together reflects and takes advantage of the flexibility and safety characteristics of our autonomous mobile robots, providing a new approach to the concept of automation.

The combination of MiR and Modula technologies makes it possible to achieve a high level of automation with a modular and scalable solution. Moreover, we can also customize the product, through top modules and/or tailor-made modules, in order to satisfy any need. With these premises we are confident that the solution created with Modula will make logistics operations even leaner».